Voice Logger

Voice Logger is a digital multi-channel voice logging, call monitoring and recording software.

Bay Talkitec's Voice Logger uses specially designed industry standard high impedance voice boards for voice log applications. A strong and proven solution used in highly demanding environments including Contact Centers, Trading Offices, Security Control Areas, Public Safety Centers and Government Organizations A Complete solution which supportstapping at terminations like E1/T1 , Digital , analog and IP. The recorded files can be retrieved using normal telephone instruments or using remote PC.

Key features:

Recording and Playback control

  • Multiple start/stop options per channel
  • Automatic gain control
  • Playback through Multimedia extension

Storage Control

  • User selectable voice file formats
    • WAV
    • VOX
    • ADPCM
    • RAW format
  • Voice files can be mirrored to another path for redundancy


  • Runs as a service on system startup
  • Fully SQL compatible database with ODBC Interface
  • Uses TCP/IP Communications over LAN/WAN or Internet.

Telephony Interface

  • IP- Trunk, SIP & H.323
  • 2-Wire analog interface via phone handset
  • Analog trunk lines or 4-wire digital Station interface
  • Station side & trunk side recording options

Recording triggers

  • Channel & Time wise
  • DTMF , PVD or Agent initiated
  • Silence detection
  • Through extension

Management Control

  • Customizable work hour ranges per channel
  • Visual, audio and E-mail alerts

The additional features available on Voice Logger are:

  • Analog / Digital / Digital E1 extensions
  • Recording Formats Dialogic ADPCM VOX, Windows PCM WAV and TrueSpeech
  • Recorded Voice Playback through Multimedia Speaker – On Local LAN and remote PC
  • Recorded Voice Playback through Telephone extensions and CO lines
  • Playback possible in case of VOX and WAV Formats.
  • Retrieval of Agent Position through CTI
  • FTP Client Data Transfer
  • Backup through DVD or any other storage media
  • Data mirroring
  • Multimedia Alarms for disk overflow, software failure etc.
  • Authentication for various modules
  • Reports
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