Smart Intercept

Bay Talkitec's 3G Lawful Intercept (LI) solution which is a breakthrough concept in 3G communications world, that enables 3G video call line interception. This application allows Law Enforcement Agnecies (LEA) to carry out telephone line interception in real-time. We understand the fast growing importance of monitoring security threats by law enforcement agencies. With our extensive expertise in 3G technologies, we have come up with an innovative solution, first of its kind in the world, to intercept 3G video calls in real-time with no latency.

Bay Talkitec's "Smart Intercept" is a robust and sophisticated 3G video call interception application designed for the requirements of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). It allows real-time interception and the LEAs can monitor the calls using the 3G mobile handset, Soft phone or IP-Video Phone. It also enables recording of video and voice communication which can be played later by the LEA. "Smart Intercept" is a complete system which integrates communication interception, logging and analysis of both voice and 3G video calls. It also provides a powerful 'Call Detail Record' (CDR) reporting tool for receiving data from the service provider of the intercepted calls. It also facilitates data logging/interception in the form of detailed call information reports, making "Smart Intercept" a powerful multi-dimensional software.

Download - Smart Intercept 3G Video Call Lawful Interception

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