Mobile Entertainment

Entertainment on a call and on the go? Welcome to Bay Talkitec’s video platform which makes it possible and truly simple. Now you can watch TV anytime & anywhere on your mobile via just a Video Call. The video platform gives users three way access via WAP/GPRS, Video call (3G) & IP to watch videos.

Highly secure and easily integratable with billing solutions, the video platform truly delivers on the promise of delivering host of entertainment services on the mobile, a reality.

How does it work?

• Users can send a request via SMS to watch a Video or a particular content and gets the content via Video Call
• Users can also dial into our Video Portal via Video call and can choose the channel or programmes of his or her choice for viewing.

Benefits of providing entertainment services/content via Video Call

• No GPRS required
• No worries about Bandwidth
• No need to worry about enough memory in your Mobile
• One touch convenience
• View TV anywhere at anytime
• Ideal for viral marketing platform for entertainment programs
• Excellent Video Quality at a low cost


Other potential applications

Interactive TV

Our proprietary Video platform will let users choose the channel they want at the touch of a button and all in a video call. This is ideal for participation TV as it lets users directly take part during live TV programs. For others, it bis an ideal platform for on-demand content viewing and getting user feedback on specific programs. Interactive TV also enhances user experience and helps to attract more users to watch your program which will lead to increase in advertising revenues.

Mobile Video blogging

Bay Talkitec's interactive video platform helps users to video blog directly from the mobile to websites, wapsites and mobile video portals for video sharing. Ideal for user generated content, its easy to use and is handset independent. No client to download and no data charges.

Mobile Entertainment

Service providers and content owners can now publish videos via our unique video portal. And users can now access video via 3G video call or WAP/GPRS. Making it an ideal platform for content media companies to publish and distribute content.

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