Mobile Advertisers

Bay Talkitec's Mobile Video platform makes it easy for advertisers to reach consumers in the simplest way possible. It's a one touch convenience for the consumer. This allows for a vast array of possibilities, especially when considering that a full color video can be displayed to advertise a business or brand. Thousands of messages can be simultaneously sent to a list of numbers allowing a considerable amount of people access to a promotional video which can be made very interactive using our Video Platform. This form of advertising has the potential to be more effective than any other medium, including television, as customers can be sent marketing material for products and services they are genuinely interested in. It is personal to each individual, minimizing wasted marketing, and allowing for a direct tangible result. Quite ideal for Push & Pull marketing.

WAP SMS allows for a unique URL to be sent to a mobile phone. The link to a web page is sent to the mobile phone as a text message. Once opened, the phone can connect to a mobile website, video, picture, rotating picture, music or sound file. This is ideal for both 2.5G & 3G markets.

How does a Video via Video Call marketing work?

User sends a SMS request to watch the video and gets the video via Video Call. It cannot get simpler than this. No need to get into the internet at all.

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Mobile Marketing

Bay Talkitec's Video Platform is an excellent platform for Mobile Marketing and also ideal for interactive marketing.

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