3G Mobile Video Marketing

Bay Talkitec‘s unique 3G Video technology takes mobile marketing to new heights. Ideally suited for 3G service, our unique video platform enables user to receive videos via Video Call. Viewers neither need to have GPRS nor worry about phone memory issues or bandwidth. The Mobile Video platform makes it easy for advertisers to reach consumers in the simplest way possible and for the consumers, it is a one touch convenience. One can collect more user information or add interactive features to the campaign and thus create more value for the marketing campaign at low cost resulting in excellent ROI.

Mobile Video advertising gives you an opportunity to get a better mindshare of the consumer. Above all, this campaign can be made viral as users can forward the video to anyone via a Video Call. The possibilities thus are endless.

Also via WAP/GPRS...

Bay Talkitec's unique interactive video technology can also be available via WAP. Interactivity is made available in the video itself which provides advertisers and marketers immediate feedback. This is an ideal platform to collect user preferences and product feedback. WAP/GPRS gives advertisers a wider reach to consumers.

How does mobile video marketing work?

User sends a SMS request to watch the video and gets the video via Video Call. It cannot get simpler than this. No need to get into the internet at all.


Mobile Marketing

Bay Talkitec's Video Platform is an excellent platform for Mobile Marketing and also ideal for interactive marketing.

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