Next-Gen VAS Platform

Bay Talkitec?s VAS Delivery Platform which is specially designed for mobile operators, media companies, VAS providers to launch services quickly and gain competitive advantage. The Integrated VAS SDP (Service Delivery Platform) can offer Voice & Video services to consumers reliably and economically. This results higher efficiency and less over head costs. The platform meets all the VAS, IVR and Dial out requirements of the mobile operators and media companies. The VAS SDP comes with voice based services like CRBT, Voice SMS, Call Management, Voice Portal and Video Applications such as Video SMS, Video Portal, Mobile TV, Video CRBT, Mobile Video Marketing & more. For a green field operator, the platform helps to launch all essential voice based services quickly with low TCO and high ROI. It is a single box solution, highly scalable platform supporting all mobile networks from 2G to 3G including NGN (Next Generation Network).The platform has built in media gateway that makes it possible to provide services using SIP, SIGTRAN and is suitable for NGN environment.

VAS SDP Features

  • 2G & 3G Compliant
  • One IVR
  • Integration with different Multimedia - Voice, Video, SMS, USSD, WAP, Web
  • Supports NGN Environment
  • Highly Scalable
  • Service Creation tool to create your own service for various multimedia options
  • Built in Media Gateway
  • On the Fly Transcoding
  • Text Overlay in Video
  • Low TCO
Next Gen Vas Platform

Ready VAS Applications

  • CRBT
  • Voice Portal
  • Voice SMS
  • Missed Call Alert
  • Juke Box
  • Payment Gateway IVR
  • Call Management
  • Dialer
  • Call Management
  • USSD
  • Video SMS
  • Video Portal
  • Mobile TV
  • Video Social Networking
  • Video Portal/Video Sharing
  • Interactive Mobile Video Advertising
  • Mobile to Web & Web to Mobile
Mobile Marketing

Bay Talkitec's Video Platform is an excellent platform for Mobile Marketing and also ideal for interactive marketing.

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Mobile Entertainment

Service providers and content owners can now publish videos via our unique video portal. And users can now access video via 3G video call or WAP/GPRS. Making it an ideal platform for content media companies to publish and distribute content.

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