Voice Announcer for Lifts




  1. Play Music

  2. Announces floor numbers

  3. Announces special messages.

“BAY SD – MP3 LAS” - MP3 based Lift Announcement System with SD card storage (Long Music duration and Multiple language announcements)

BTTs Lift announcement system (LAS) is a field proven device working in over 10,000 elevators.

        • Based on MP3 hence vastly improved voice quality.
        • Uses SD card and voice can be programmed in any PC .
        • Reduced number of components hence increased reliability.
        • Reduced Power consumption.
        • Multiple language announcements.
        • High memory capacity (2GB SD Card can give more than 25 hours of Music and voice)
        • Separate Volume Control for Announcements and Back Ground Music.
        • Can take 7 segment, 16 segment, BCD Serial/CAN inputs

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