IVR with Voice Authentication

Bay Talkitec’s industry leading IVR platform with voice authentication capability provides a user friendly experience to callers, to get their information quickly and securely. By simply speaking a random or a pre-recorded message, caller identity is automatically verified through the composition of their voice. Because individual voice cannot be duplicated, even the most sensitive data can be protected. Since the voice authentication recognizes the caller immediately customers do not have to reveal their birth date, social security or Pan Card information over the phone. It will give them a seamless secure access to their personal data.

What is Voice Authentication?

Voice Authentication involves a biometric method that captures specific characteristics of human voices and using those characteristics to identify callers.

Benefits of IVR with Voice Authentication:

  • Secure – Users can breathe easy that their information is protected and will not fall into wrong hands and can be retrieved only by their voice.
  • Convenient – Users do not have to remember passwords or multi-digit PINs or Card Numbers.
  • Saves Time and increase productivity – Voice authentication gives call centers the capability to service customers quickly and efficiently without going through the normal process of caller identity verification. This results in the agents focussing on the problem at hand rather than spending time on identity verification. It results in shorter caller wait times, faster call handling times and lower call abandon rates.

Who can benefit from Voice Authentication?

Banks, financial services providers, Insurance players will benefit from voice authentication as it provides an additional layer of security which is in addition to/in lieu of the traditional verification system of passwords. It helps increase customer satisfaction and assuages their fear of their information being compromised. Since a voice signature is unique like a finger print, it helps call centers provide high level of data security and quality customer experience. It also lessens the burden on the agents who have to make sure the caller is not an imposter.

How is this deployed?

This solution can easily be integrated with Bay Talkitec’s Smart Call IVR platform and deployed quickly. It can also be customized to meet any specific customer needs to facilitate secure access to information or a financial transaction.

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