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Bay Talkitec's video helpdesk and contact center help BPOs add video capability to their existing centers. A video call center improves customer self services, reduces cost and delivers better customer perception. It also increases new revenue streams via video advertising. Visual interaction creates a more personal customer experience and bolsters end-user customers' confidence with the enterprise.

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3G Video Contact Center solution requires agents and supervisors to have nothing more than a personal computer with a browser, headset and webcam and a connection to an IP network. The caller can access the video contact center using an internet enabled computer, a video enabled IP phone or even a video call enabled mobile handset.

Features & benefits:

  •  Upgrading existing call centers to add video capability
  •  Visual interaction enhances customer's service experience
  •  Speeds problem solving
  •  Improved communication
  •  Ideal way to promote new products/services
  •  New revenue streams through advertising and paid services like live demos

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