Voice Announcer for Industrial Control Automation




The annunciator presently available in the market gives visual indication only, i.e. blinking LED or lamp indicating the failure/status along with a buzzer sound. This does not make the user/attendee of the system understand, what he can do to rectify the system. Our voice announcer is designed to address this gap. If there is a fault, it can be made to announce what possible actions can be taken to rectify the fault. It can list the tasks in the order of priority. There is a button to repeat the instructions. The voice instructions can be given in any language and multiple languages also. It makes the person on the site to understand clearly what action to take and he can take those actions without the help of anyone else.

“BTT VOCIE ANNOUCERS” addresses the above by

Based on given input (Potential free contact or serial RS-485) from the control Panel of any Industrial control system

        1. Announcing the change of status or failure in a preferred or in multiple languages in a localized way from the pre recorded messages.
        2. Attendee is able to hear and understand and take remedial actions
        3. Message Replay option to hear again to understand correctly
        4. All first level actions can be taken by the persons in the field.

        Typical situation

        • When a Generator stops suddenly, announcer will announce all the possible points to look to identify the source of problem.
        • Guidance messages are given to check the Various Parameters to restore the functioning.

        Few of the Typical Announcements

          • To check for fuel level.
          • In case fuel level is low, how to fill up the fuel
          • To  check for lube oil pressure
          • To check for battery voltages (where applicable)


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