Are you looking for a reliable and effective service provider for your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Computer Telephony applications? Since 1991, Bay Talkitec has been providing the best-in-class IVR systems and has successfully executed user friendly and multi-purpose IVR installations across diverse sectors such as Telecom, BFSI, Transport and public information systems, etc.

We have the expertise to integrate IVR applications into existing customer contact centers with various forms of call transfers including information dissemination, using CTI technologies. Some of the IVR applications offered are:

   •  IVR for Transportation Industry
   •  Public Information System
   •  Tele-Banking
   •  Plug ‘n’ Play
   •  Payment Gateway

Features & Benefits:

   •  Driven by Industry leading Smart Call Engine
   •  Video Add-on
   •  Enhancing your existing IVR with SMS interaction module
   •  Automatic Speech Recognition
   •  Text to Speech
   •  IP Enabled
   •  ODBC and other Industry databases compliant
   •  Highly customizable
   •  Intelligent Call Routing
   •  Supports R2MF, ISDN PRI and SS7 Signaling
   •  Scalable from 1 E1 to 64 E1s in a single box
   •  Can be deployed for both fixed and mobile networks
   •  Flexible creation of new services by using Script Tool

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