Media Companies

Bay Talkitec's video platform allows media companies to publish videos via a WAP Portal. And content providers to distribute content to video enabled phones. The company's mobile entertainment WAP/GPRS platform provides an end-to-end solution by helping customers to manage, deliver and bill the content to subscribers. The platform works across both 2.5/3G networks.

Entertainment on a call

Want to provide TV on mobile which is as easy as sending a Video Call? Welcome to Bay Talkitec's unique 3G Video Platform. Watch TV anytime & anywhere on your mobile via Video Call. Benefits of providing Content via Video Call:

  • Piracy Proof
  • No GPRS required
  • No worries about Bandwidth
  • No need to worry about enough memory in your Mobile
  • One touch convenience
  • View TV anywhere at anytime
  • Ideal for viral marketing platform for entertainment programs
  • Excellent Video Quality at a low cost

Want to make the TV interactive? No problem. Our platform will let user choose the channel they want at the touch of a button and all this in a video call. Also making it an ideal platform for on-demand content viewing.

Users can send a request via SMS to watch a Video and gets the Video via Video Call. They also can dial to our Video Portal via Video call and can choose the channel or programmes of his or her choice for viewing. All in a video call.

WAP Push

WAP Push remains the premier method of delivering multimedia content to mobile handsets in the market today Bay Talkitec’s video platform also supports content delivery via WAP/GPRS. We provide a complete & robust solution for companies and brands ready to go mobile. It is fully adaptable to meet the marketing needs of companies of any size and helps them distribute mobile-ready downloads and content. A major benefit of WAP Push is the ability to send a URL to a mobile subscriber without the need for them to manually type it into their phone. WAP Push offers immediate and tangible benefits to content providers and subscribers alike.

Benefits of WAP Push

  • Provides a simple to use (one or two click) method to access content
  • Allow users to manipulate the WAP browser by going back & forth
  • Wide penetration of WAP enabled handsets
  • Mobile content tailor made to specific handset to improve user experience
  • Can be easily integrated SMS billing for paid content delivery
  • WAP Push makes it extremely cost effective. WAP Push costs no more than the price of an SMS
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