Smart ViG 3G Video Gateway

Enabling Video Convergence with 3-way Access

The BTT Smart Video Gateway (Smart ViG) provides audio / video transport to the 3G Mobile switching centre and uses 3G-324M protocol. It has transcoding and proxy functions for call signaling, command control, and voice and video transcoding between multimedia systems protocols including 3G-324M/H.324M, ITU-T H.323 and the IETF SIP. The Smart ViG provides transcoding tailored to end-terminals such as mobile phones, PDAs, and IP terminals. It supports a variety of voice and video coding standards and connects end-terminals on circuit switched, packet switched networks, wireless networks and GSTN. The Smart ViG does transcoding in real-time and on-the-fly between major voice and video standards and protocols including the GSM-AMR, G.723.1, and G.711 voice codecs; H.263 and MPEG4 video codecs. The BTT gateway complies with all protocol requirements as defined by the 3GPP 3G-324M ITU-T H.324, H.324m, H.323, and the IETF RTP and SIP protocols. It is equipped with patented technologies that enable rapid session setup, minimal media delays and skews, while ensuring the widest interoperability and unparalleled user experience and media quality

VIG Diagram


Video Applications

    •   IVVR (Interactive Voice Video Response)
    •   Video SMS
    •   Video Greetings
    •   Video Mail
    •   Video Help Desk
    •   Video on Demand
    •   Video Portal
    •   Video Conferencing
    •   Interactive mobile video marketing

Mobile Marketing

Bay Talkitec's Video Platform is an excellent platform for Mobile Marketing and also ideal for interactive marketing.

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Mobile Entertainment

Service providers and content owners can now publish videos via our unique video portal. And users can now access video via 3G video call or WAP/GPRS. Making it an ideal platform for content media companies to publish and distribute content.

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