Voice SMS

Voice SMS breaks the barrier of languages. Voice SMS is a user friendly way of adding emotions to mobile messaging. It is an ideal platform for users to connect to family and friends and a safe way to send messages when you are on the move.

User Benefits

  • Record a voice message
  • Recipient is notified via SMS
  • Service is language independent
  • Voice SMS is ideal for Audio blogging.
  • Inexpensive way to keep in touch with family & friends.

Operator Benefits

  • Better utilization of network and ability to avoid congestion using Store & Forward technologies
  • No real-time end-to-end circuit connection between the two parties, thereby reducing infrastructure costs
  • With support for multiple languages, the use of Voice SMS can be easily increased, leading to higher revenues

Mobile Marketing

Bay Talkitec's Video Platform is an excellent platform for Mobile Marketing and also ideal for interactive marketing.

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Mobile Entertainment

Service providers and content owners can now publish videos via our unique video portal. And users can now access video via 3G video call or WAP/GPRS. Making it an ideal platform for content media companies to publish and distribute content.

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