Fax Server

A server-based application, this solution from Bay Talkitec allows sending and receiving of fax messages to/from various locations.

Here is how the fax server works:

The fax server has the necessary telephony hardware to terminate PSTN lines and supports both sending and receiving of faxes. It has inbox and outbox for sending and receiving the faxes. The received fax messages are stored in the inbox which can be viewed by the administrator or it can be distributed to any client. The client can be a workstation which will be placed in the same network, as the fax server for sending and receiving, as an attachment. Using a client software, fax can be sent or viewed by the operator from client system. The fax document can be in .tiff or .doc or .txt formats. All the incoming and outgoing fax details are stored in the CDR file and the user can take various reports like:

  • Detailed report
  • Summary report
  • Inbound call report
  • Outbound call report

The fax server:

  • Supports both inbound and outbound fax
  • Can be integrated with email for sending and receiving as an attachment
  • Can be integrated with exchange server or lotus domino server
  • Can send bulk fax for campaigns
  • Has report script tool for taking all types of MIS reports
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