IVR System

Are you looking for a reliable and effective service provider for your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Computer Telephony application? Since 1991, Bay Talkitec has been providing the best-in-class hosted IVR system. We have successfully executed user friendly and multi-purpose IVR installations across diverse sectors such as telecom, transport and public information systems, paving the way for effective customer interaction management.

Our IVR applications have been developed on various platforms like, We also have the expertise to integrate IVR applications into customer contact centers with various forms of call transfers, including information disseminations, using CTI technologies. Some of the IVR applications offered are:

  • Automatic announcement systems for telecom operators
  • Payment reminders & registrations
  • Bill enquiries
  • Complaint bookings
  • Platform announcement system & enquiry handling for railways
  • Online booking & enquiry handling for roadways & airways
  • Lift announcement systems
  • Automatic security alarms
  • Tele-banking





Mobile Marketing

Bay Talkitec Video Platform is an excellent platform for Mobile Marketing. Ideal platform to do interactive marketing. We take mobile video marketing to the next level.

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Mobile Entertainment

Using Bay Talkitec Video Platform, service providers and content owners can publish videos via our unique video portal. Users can access the video via 3G video call or WAP/GPRS. This is an ideal platform for content media companies to publish and distribute content. read more

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