Windows and Linux OS

Linux Smart CT (Computer Telephony) Suite is Bay Talkitec's Telephony Application Development Tool which runs on Linux platform. This is the latest offering from Bay Talkitec to the world of CTI technology. The Suite consists of two components, which in dual assists the CTI users and developers achieve their final objective.

The components are:

Why Linux Smart CT Suite?

The Linux operating system offers many benefits for telephony solutions, including greater reliability and scalability, increased performance and enhanced manageability. Linux implements a common API across many different types of hardware. The same application can therefore run unchanged on a small desktop computer as well as on a large back-end server. Even though Linux is the ideal choice for Computer Telephony, developing CT solutions in Linux is a daunting task. This is where BTT's Linux Smart CT Suite comes handy. With this suite, developing CT solutions in Linux is a breeze.

Hardware and Software platforms

Linux Smart CT Suite supports all the ranges of Dialogic boards such as analog , E1 and T1 boards . As far as signaling is concerned , it supports R2 , ISDN PRI and SS7.

Host Media Processing

Using BTT's Linux Smart CT Suite enterprises can develop and deploy HMP based solutions rapidly. SmartCall supports Dialogic Host Media Processing (HMP).

  • Supports H.323 and SIP protocols.
  • SIP Client support for agent desktop.
  • Supports Voice / Fax / CSP for ASR, TTS / RTP streaming.

End-to-end Solutions

Some of the solutions offered by us are given below :

  • IVR
  • Contact Center
  • Unified Messaging
  • Video Portal
  • Video Messaging for 3G
  • Missed call alert for GSM/CDMA operators
  • IP Contact Center
  • Prepaid Services
  • Voice Portal

Products based on HMP are Conferencing, Messaging, IP Contact Center, Prepaid Services and IVR Voice Portal.

Linux Telephony Engine (LTE)

The LTE transforms the call flow designed using AST, and interacts with telephony layer, database engine and other media layers and performs all the functions of the desired application. Database Engine supports MySQL, Oracle or any other Linux supported RDBMS. LTE supports Analog as well as Digital Boards of Dialogic. It supports different media viz. Voice, FAX, SMS and WEB interaction.

The LTE is capable of interacting with external applications on Socket level and the interaction is independent of OS. By using LTE, applications from small traditional IVRS to powerful solutions such as Contact Center can be developed to customer specific needs. The multi-threaded application layer makes the LTE possible to run multiple T1/E1 circuits on the same chassis without degrading the performance. It generates complete Call Detail Record, which can be used to generate reports to monitor the performance of the system.

Application Script Tool (AST)

AST is an easy to use GUI tool developed to work on Linux platform. This tool enables users and developers to generate / design their own call flow with respect to their customer requirement. This tool gives freedom to developers in designing and structuring the application to their requirement. This tool is equipped with objects such as External Application Hook and Socket Connection which assists the developers to do hassle free designing. This tool also provides objects for web interaction.

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