3G Video via Video Call

Want to provide TV on mobile then it is easy is sending a Video Call. Welcome to Bay Talkitec's unique 3G Video Platform. Watch TV anytime & anywhere on your mobile via Video Call.

Benefits of providing Content via Video Call:
  • Piracy Proof
  • No GPRS required
  • No worries about Bandwidth
  • No need to worry about enough memory in your Mobile
  • One touch convenience
  • View TV anywhere at anytime
  • Ideal for viral marketing platform for entertainment programs
  • Excellent Video Quality at a low cost

Want to make the TV interactive. No problem. Our proprietary Video platform will let user choose the channel they want at the touch of a button and all this in a video call. Ideal platform for On-demand content viewing.

How does it work?
  • User can a request via SMS to watch a Video and gets the Video via Video Call
  • User can dial to our Video Portal via Video call and can choose the channel or programmes of his or her choice for viewing. All in a video call.

Mobile Marketing

Bay Talkitec Video Platform is an excellent platform for Mobile Marketing. Ideal platform to do interactive marketing. We take mobile video marketing to the next level.

Want to know more?

Click here to see the demo

Mobile Entertainment

Using Bay Talkitec Video Platform, service providers and content owners can publish videos via our unique video portal. Users can access the video via 3G video call or WAP/GPRS. This is an ideal platform for content media companies to publish and distribute content. read more

Click here to see the demo of video via 3G video call